söndag 27 juli 2014

This weeks bentos

It's been a while, two weeks, without any bentos. Last week I was ill, I had a fever and had to stay home, so no bentos. It was a weird experience to have a fever in the middle of summer, I was huddled in a bit sweater and a blanket most of the time and it was about 28-30°C both indoors and outdoors.

This weeks bentos will be pretty much the same. I forgot to take a picture of my monday lunch, but it was almost identical to tuesday's, so…

Tuesday's bento:

I packed one layer of my favorite box with diced avocado and herbal salt in the little mouse container. The other layer had homemade tuna salad (tuna, mayo, lemon and black pepper, super simple), a hardboiled egg and two little apricots. The little panda has salt for the egg. The small containers are supposed to be for soy sauce and things like that, but I use them for spices instead. I put a piece of rainbow baran an top of the tuna to keep the box from getting to messy. I also packed a small tupperware container with Skyr (Islandic yoghurt, naturally very low in fat and high in protein) decorated with a few sprinkles.

I always take my photos at lunch time, I don't have time in the morning, so this is what my food looks like after transport and sitting in the cooler bag for a few hours. The sprinkles in the yoghurt has melted a little, but it still looks cute and colorful.

Wedensday was a day of for me. I went to a bit shopping centre with my boyfriend and two friends. It's about two hours drive so it was a whole day outing. No packed lunch, the store has a restaurant!

Thursday's bento: 

Thursday is almost the same as tuesday. Diced avocado and herbal salt in the top layer and the bottom has a salami rose (inspired by Wendolonia!), hardboiled egg, salt and a flat peach. Love the flat peaces, so easy to pack and also less messy to eat. I found almond milk at the store and wanted to try it, since I love almonds. It was way too sweet, but if I found unsweetened I think I will like it. I had Skyr this day too, but it's still in the cooler…

Friday's bento: 

Different box, but pretty much the same food. Diced avocado and herbal salt. Salami rose, hard boiled egg and salt and some cucumber slices. Left in the cooler is a peach and Skyr.

My neighborhood store had bags of avocado for a very good price, and it's one of my favorite veggies, so that would explain the avocado based lunches. Next week will probably bring more avocado, I have a cuple left...

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