lördag 27 september 2014

Bentos on parade #2

Well, I've been really bad at blogging my lunches for a long time. I started school this month while still working part time, so life has been stressful. But from now on it's just school for me, so probably more time for blogging my lunches. I won't be bringing lunch every day, since we don't always have full days at school. Some day we have classes just in the morning or in the afternoon, and I'll have lunch at home.

But to keep up I'll post a parade of bentos here:

Vegetarian lunch packed in my Laptop Lunches box. Going clockwise I have corn on the cob, haloumi with a panda pick, a peach with another panda pick and strawberry cream - I don't think there is a good word for this in english, it's strawberries boiled with water and some sugar and thickened with a potato starch to semi-liquid thickness. It's a common thing here in Sweden and it can be made with all kinds of berries and fruit, it's eaten as a snack or light meal, often with milk or cream. I have some milk in the small container by the side.

This is a really unhealthy vegetarian lunch! I have some kind of spinach and cheese bun called Burtek (I think that's what it's called, I think it's polish or hungarian…). I tried to cheer it up with some panda baran. I also have pineapple chunks, some caramel waffles and blue crispy M&M's. All packed up in my blue polka dot bento, a small tupperware box and a cute little heart shaped box.

Leftover lunch! I have boiled new potatoes and some pork tenderloin. I have tomato and herb flavored creme fraiche and pineapple chunks. I put a tomato baran and two tomato picks in there for some color. This was packed in my favorite red bento box.

Sorry for the bad photo here, the light was really bad and the colors are all over the place. But I packed green pea soup in a thermos and in my happy parade bento box I had carrot sticks with caesar dressing in the clover container. I also had a wrap with hummus, smoked ham and sunflower sprouts.

A vegetarian lunch in my Laptop Lunches box: strawberry cream with milk, carrot and cucumber sticks with caesar dressing, a kiwi and a caprese salad (tomato, mozzarella cheese, basil and olive oil). I tucked a cereal bar in too.

A bid bento packed for a long day at school, so supposed to cover both lunch and a couple of snacks, so I used a big bento box I found at a kind of dollarstore here in Sweden. I packed a wrap with hummus, smoked ham and sunflower sprouts, rice, bean salad, a Babybel cheese, mini meatballs, carrot sticks and caesar dressing in the small white container. At the side I have a banana and some yoghurt in the green tupperware box.

A star themed lunch packed in my strawberry bento box. Star shaped sandwiched with hummus and smoked ham, grapes, carrot sticks and bean salad. The star container has caesar dressing and I cut some tiny stars to decorate the sandwiches and the beans. This lunch was eaten outside on a really sunny day, as you can see.

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  1. Strawberry cream sounds intriguing! Thanks for sharing.