tisdag 18 november 2014

Fastest lunch ever

I'm studying to be a teacher for the after school program, and as part of the education we have internships for four weeks every semester. We are assigned to the same school during the whole education, and we are allowed to fill in when they need help. My school have called or texted me a bunch of times already and I love it! It's a great extra job to fill in one or two afternoons a week, plus it means I won't forget the kids, the teachers or the schools routines.

Last week they texted me in the morning to ask if I could fill in that afternoon. I was getting ready to go to class in the morning, but working that afternoon would mean I'd need to pack a lunch. And it needed to be packed in less than ten minutes and I'd need to eat it on the bus to make it from class to work in time.

So this is what I came up with:

I threw a kaviar (smoked and salted fish roe mix, very swedish and very yummy) sandwich and some meatballs in my Mickey Mouse box. Might be the most uninspired lunch box ever, and no fruit or veggies. But it was food and I made it in time to both class and work.

söndag 16 november 2014


Last friday I had a big midterm exam from 8 am to 1 pm. Since I know that I'm a stress eater I packed a big bento with lot's of snacky food. Turned out I didn't need all that food, so about half of it ended up being an afternoon snack instead.

Three boxes! My lovely retro Mickey Mouse box, one of the inner containers from my Laptop Lunch box and a beautiful metal box with a tree etched in the lid (bad picture, so the tree isn't too visible, but if you look closely you can see it).

And here's what's inside: In the Mickey Mouse box I packed a whole grain rye sandwich with hummus and smoked ham, mini meatballs with hamburger dressing in the little box and carrot sticks. I had apple slices and almond butter in the Laptop Lunches container. I the metal tree box I packed cauliflower with hummus in the panda, a heart shaped egg with salt in the little panda and a few more mini meatballs. I threw a sweet protein bar in the bag as well. I found tiny cocktails forks at my grocery store and I love them!

tisdag 4 november 2014

Food swap tasting

So, it's been a while since I got the package from The Student turned doctor and I've eaten a lot of the things - mostly the sweets! (To see what I got just go to the next entry on the blog!)

So I thought I would write a bit about what I thought about it.

Salt water taffy - a little disappointed about them not being salty at all, but I liked them. I got chocolate and grape (I think the purple were grape, it's not a common flavor here so I'm not sure) and even though they were very sweet they tasted nice and was not as sticky as I thought.

Charleston chew - I didn't really know what to expect from these, but I really liked them! Also really sweet, but in a good way. Very yummy!

The jellies - Sweeter than I expected, and very different from each other. Some had a lot of flavor and were really good, but some just tasted overly sweet and those I didn't really like. My favorite was the orange one, very nice citrus flavor!

Minnie Mouse Jelly beans - Green, orange and two different purple kinds of jelly beans. Well, the purple and orange ones were nice even if they had a little strange flavors. But the green ones, that were supposed to taste like kiwi, were really, really disgusting! They had the worst artificial flavoring ever, and didn't taste at all like kiwi. Luckily there was only four of the green ones.

Rice krispies treat - This I liked a lot! Sweet, but with a tiny hint of savory from the rice krispies. Not as sticky as I had expected, so that was really nice.

Candy corn - Oh my god, those were SWEET! Very nice honey flavor, but the sweetness was a bit overwhelming. The small bag lasted over a week here, and both me and my boyfriend are sweet tooths, but the candy corn was a bit too much for both of us. But one every now and then was nice. And I was surprised at the texture, I expected them to be chewy, but they were crumbly.

Pumpkin peeps - Also extremely sweet. We do have marshmallow candy in sweden, but not as sweet as these! It was like it was sweeter than sugar! But very cute!

Fig Newtons - Nice. Sweet, but fruity. Very soft. Was a nice snack with a cup of tea, but didn't make any big impression on me.

Good Earth Sweet & spicy original tea - This smelled sooo good! I like cinnamon and it both smelled and tasted a lot of cinnamon. The tea was very sweet in it self, and the taste was very good, but it was a little too much. I could only drink about half my cup. Maybe I let it steep a little too long, and maybe it might be a little less intense if I put a little milk in it.

Moon pie - They surprised my by NOT being as sweet as I expected! The cookie part reminded me slightly of a swedish bread called Vörtbröd that we eat at christmas. It's a sweet bread made with spices and "vört", which I think is a kind of byproduct from the malt when making beer. I liked the Moon pies a lot, and if I come to the USA any time I might buy them as a snack.

I have also tried the Cream wheat for breafast. I decided to start with the original and it was kind of blah… but I poured some maple syrup on it and that made it yummy! I think the flavored kinds are better than the non flavored. I have Cinnabun and Maple brown sugar left to try.

So far I've had a lot of fun trying all the american sweets. I mostly have seasoning things left and the crispy peas. I'm looking forward to be able to put some of those things in future lunches!