söndag 15 februari 2015

Panda bento

Yeah, there haven't been many bentos here… And right now I have four weeks at "my" school to learn from reality instead of just books. I love it, but since my school gives me lunch for free I don't have any bentos this month. But I found a picture in my phone of one that I have forgotten to blog, so here it is:

I used my Mickey Mouse box and I packed two vegetable cakes, rolled up ham on panda picks, cherry tomatoes and tiny mushrooms and the heart shaped yellow container has raspberry and rhubarb quark in it. I put in some panda baran to bring a bit more pandas and on top of the tomatoes i put a raw food berry bar (but I removed it from the photo, it's yummy but not very pretty).

söndag 1 februari 2015

Bento for the week

I promised you more bentos, but I haven't really delivered any. This semester started out really badly, I went to the introduction the first day and then I spent the rest of that week at home with a fever and a really bad headache. So no more lunches from that week.

And this week I've packed the same thing all three days of school, so I didn't bother to take photos of them all. It's the same food in the same box. This:

The yellow round Tupperware container has stracciatella quark that I had for a snack. My lunch was packed in my Happy Parade box and I had two vegetable cakes from Ikea's food section and some shredded taco chicken, both from the freezer. I also had cherry tomatoes and some tiny mushrooms.

My store sells mushrooms by weight and I always try to pick the smallest ones I can find in the bin, they taste more and they are adorable!

onsdag 21 januari 2015

The first bento of 2015

So, my first semester at university is over and my second one has just begun. This course has a lot of scheduled time and a lot of days with lectures and classes both in the morning and the afternoon, so I will need plenty of lunches.

This is what I packed for lunch for monday:

I used my favorite red bento box and packed a surprisingly orange lunch. I have a home made pizza bun, carrot, some granola, a clementine and some dried blueberries in the little panda container. I also have some caesar dressing for the carrots. As a try to make the lunch not look so extremely orange I used a green silicon cup and some panda picks and a panda baran. Not sure if it helped very much, but I tried.