söndag 1 februari 2015

Bento for the week

I promised you more bentos, but I haven't really delivered any. This semester started out really badly, I went to the introduction the first day and then I spent the rest of that week at home with a fever and a really bad headache. So no more lunches from that week.

And this week I've packed the same thing all three days of school, so I didn't bother to take photos of them all. It's the same food in the same box. This:

The yellow round Tupperware container has stracciatella quark that I had for a snack. My lunch was packed in my Happy Parade box and I had two vegetable cakes from Ikea's food section and some shredded taco chicken, both from the freezer. I also had cherry tomatoes and some tiny mushrooms.

My store sells mushrooms by weight and I always try to pick the smallest ones I can find in the bin, they taste more and they are adorable!

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  1. I like the smallest mushrooms, too! I hope you feel better soon.