tisdag 23 december 2014

Dumpling bento

I have another bento to show!

I packed my Laptop Lunches box with chicken dumplings, home made cinnamon apple sauce, Inner Peas, a clementine, a gingerbread flavored "vacuum cleaner" and some soy sauce in the small container  to dip my dumplings in. It was a very nice lunch. 

A "vacuum cleaner" is a swedish pastry thing, usually they are covered with green marzipan with chocolate dipped ends and taste like chocolate with a little rum in. This one has brown marzipan that tastes like gingerbread and white chocolate at the ends. Not as good as the original, but still nice. 

tisdag 16 december 2014

A bento!

They are few and far between, but here is another bento lunch from the other day:

This winter has brought a lot of colds to my home, so this is what a lunch looks like when no one has had the energy to do any real grocery shopping. I packed some Belvita breakfast crackers with cranberries that turned out to be both really good and really filling, so I only ate one of the packs. I also had some mini meatballs, a nakd berry bar for a snack, two tiny organic clementines, a small tin of chicken paté (too salty so I only ate half of it) and some Inner Peas that I got in my package from The Student-turned-Doctor.

In Sweden we have nothing like these crispy pea snacks, but I've seen them on other bento blogs and I was very curious. I liked them a lot! Nice and crispy, savory and just a little bit salty. Really, really good!

måndag 1 december 2014

Winter bento

It's been a long time with no bentos, but I have very few classes in this part of the semester, so I rarely need to bring lunch. But today we had two lectures so lunch was needed.

I packed my blue polka dot box and in the top layer I put four tiny cheese and leek quiches from IKEA.  They come frozen and I had time to bake them in the oven and have them cool down before I had to leave for school. In the bottom I put four silicon cups and filled one with frozen edamame, one with frozen mango and the other two with some chocolate/hazelnut/cinnamon granola for a snack. I tried making the lunch a bit wintery by putting two snowflake picks in. The red and green cups makes it a bit christmas-y too.

This was a panicked lunch. I realized I need a lunch as I went to bed yesterday, and we had NO fruit or veggies at home, and nothing in the fridge that was fitting to put in my lunch. But the freezer saved me! And I'm going grocery shopping in a little while, so I will have some fresh fruit and veggies for the rest of the week.