söndag 13 juli 2014

This weeks bentos

Well, once again I forgot to blog my bento each day. So here is a little parade of bentos.

Wednesday's bento:

I used my Laptop Lunches system and the bistro set up with the big container from the Bento Buddies. I packed salad with mixed lettuce, carrot, cucumber, purple cauliflower, whole wheat, smoked ham and cheese. It was very yummy! I also packed caesar dressing in the smallest container, some hard bread crackers and honey flavored rice cakes.

Thursday's lunch: 

I made a little too much salad for wednesday, so i put the left overs in the bottom layer of my strawberry bento box. I put caesar dressing in the little chicken, and put a panda baran on top to cheer it up a bit. I the top layer i put cold diced potatoes with a little salt and butter in a silicone cup, some smoked ham and cheese in sticks and a few baby carrots. I also put in a couple of rice cakes and separated them from the rest with panda baran to keep them from getting soggy. The potatoes have a little panda pick.

Friday's lunch: 

I packed my own version of Salad Nicoise: lettuce, cucumber, purple cauliflower, cold potatoes, tuna and hard boiled egg. I put it in a box from IKEA. The little Tupperware container holds the ever present caesar dressing.

Lots of salads this week, but it's been very, very warm here in the south of Sweden, over 30°C. Salads are among the few things I can stand to eat in such heat. Cold and fresh food is what I need, I don't have much appetite in hot weather.

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