tisdag 8 juli 2014

Summer-y bento

Yesterday's bento was not the most well planned one, I had to raid the fridge and cupboards to find anything to put in my lunch. But I did get to play with new cutters! I tried for a summer theme for this lunch, but I don't think I made it all the way… 

I had sandwiches with tuna and mayo, cut and stamped to look like strawberries! The stamping didn't come out so well one the sourdough bread, it was a bit to bouncy to work with the stamp. I put lady bug and bee picks in the sandwiches to make them a bit more colorful. I also had a kiwi split in half, cheese hearts with another ladybug pick and some small pieces of dried papaya. 

I used my favorite bento box. I love the dark red color and the cute little flowers and butterflies.

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