lördag 28 juni 2014

This weeks bentos

Well, my plan to blog my bentos every day didn't really work out. So I'll give you another little parade of bentos here. This week was the first time I've actually made bentos every day to bring to work and I've learned I need to plan a little bit better for them. You'll see, they are not very inspiring… But I'll do better in the future!

So, this is the Wednesday bento, packed in my Laptop Lunches box:

 I had cold left over new potatoes. I like the new ones both hot and cold, but only the new ones! I also had cauliflower, left over herbal yoghurt sauce, some diced smoked ham and a nectarine. I poked a flower pick into the ham to make the lunch a tiny bit cuter.

Thursday bento, also in the Laptop Lunches box:

I had cold meatballs with some hamburger dressing in the rainbow container and a small wedge of blue cheese. I also had cauliflower and carrots with hummus in the panda container. I had nectarine wedges and blueberry quark for dessert. Flavored quark is really popular here in Sweden and it's great! It's creamy and sweet, but with very little fat and sugar and lots of protein. Perfect snack or dessert!

Friday's lunch was packed in my favorite bento box:

I love this pretty red box with flowers and butterflies on it! It is also a good size and easy to pack. I had meatballs with hamburger dressing in the clover container, a small piece of dessert cheese (cream cheese with pineapple and chopped almonds), lots of cauliflower with hummus for dipping in a silicone cup. To make my brown and white lunch a little more colorful I poked a few veggie picks in it: a carrot, a tomato and two peas. I also put a piece of pea bar an on top of the hummus to make sure it stayed in the cup. I packed a nectarine and a chocolate stick for dessert.

Lots of cauliflower this week, but it's one of my favorite veggies. I buy a whole head of it, and I'm the only one who eats it, so I have to pack it every day. Meatballs are good "emergency food" to have in the fridge for weeks like this one, when I don't plan enough to have tasty leftovers.

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